Bath bomb & bath melt filled with magnesium salt!!! 3 in 1 bath fun!!
3 in 1 Mega-bomb!!!! Soapbyelena.jpg
Love this colors!!!!

3 in 1 Mega-Bomb

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3 in 1 Bath Fun

Bubbles, Fizzy, Bath Melt & Magnesium Salts

(1 piece)

Bath Bomb & Cocoa Butter plus a Bath melt filled with magnesium salts!

Scented with a blend of frangipanis and berries.

To use: Crack the bomb open and pour the salts in the tub, pick the top bath melt and let it melt on top of the water while enjoying the gorgeous colours from the bomb shell. The bomb is above 200 gr so it you don’t crack it, but put it in the tub intact it will drop to the bottom.

So crack that baby. Release its fun.

PS. Mini Soap on top, keep that for a hand wash.